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Important note: We're a small team, and we often have to change tack quickly. Because of this we're not ready to commit to a fully public roadmap, but we do want to share where Litmaps is heading in immediate future. We'd like to emphasise that while these are indications of what we're working on right now, we can't guarantee when, or if, they'll be completed.

Reference Manager Integration

We've been excited to build reference manager integration for a long time, and we're almost there! Starting with Zotero, we're going to be adding options to sync your reference manager library with your Litmaps collections.

We can't confirm a release date for this feature โ€“ it's a large amount of work, and can be quite intricate (we really don't want to mess up your stuff!). We'll very let you know about it very loudly via our Newsletter and/or Twitter when it's ready.

Article Patch Requests

Litmaps' database has over 300 million articles, merged from multiple third-party data providers. Sometimes article data from these providers is incorrectly entered, and sometimes there are bugs with how we process it.

We're designing a system to allow researchers (yes, that's you!) to submit Article Patch Requests: If you find article metadata that you believe to be inaccurate, you can submit a request for our review. If we agree that our record is incorrect, we'll update it.

Usability Improvements

We're always working on our usability. The need for intuitive research tools is the core of why we started Litmaps, and we're not afraid to delay "big features" to make sure the small stuff feels right. Here are the areas we're currently looking at:

  • Better navigation options to facilitate "rabbit-holing"/"snowballing"

  • Re-orderable collections

  • More flexible controls to switching between Maps, Explore, and Collections

  • Persistent custom map layouts

  • Performance improvements for large maps

Got something else in mind? Send us a message using the Support chatbox. We read every message, and enjoy having a growing list of good ideas!

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