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Collecting an article's references
Collecting an article's references

There are powerful ways to analyse an article's references in Litmaps. Here's how to put all of an article's references into a collection.

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There are ways to analyse references of an article using Litmaps – for example, our Find Research Gaps in Minutes article demonstrates how to find research gaps in literature reviews by adding their references to Discover.

Below we outline two different ways you can capture all of the references of a single paper into a collection on Litmaps.

Method 1: Using Litmaps' Lookup + Reference Lists

When you open an article's details in Litmaps, you'll be able to view its references. You can use the list selection tools to select all of these references, and using the "Add to" button to quickly add them all to a collection.

The following gif demonstrates creating a fresh collection, and adding all of the references for an article using the Search for Articles tool.

Creating a collection from an article's reference lists in Litmaps

Method 2: Downloading + Importing References

Sometimes we won't have an article in our database. There can be a couple of reasons for this – you can read more about our database here. In this case, you won't be able to use the technique above.

Instead, you'll often be able to download an article's references from the publisher's website. Below, I demonstrate how to do this for an article on Nature:

  1. Find the "download references" button on the website.

  2. Notice that we've downloaded a RIS file – one of Litmaps supported import formats.

  3. Create a new collection

  4. Click "Add articles", and import the RIS you just downloaded.

Creating a Litmaps collection from a Nature paper's references

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