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Can I Add an Article that isn't in Litmaps' Database?
Can I Add an Article that isn't in Litmaps' Database?
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Currently, no.

Our visualisation and discovery systems work using the citation network. Our internal database has all of the citation information we require to be able to:

  • Search for related articles

  • Visualise the connections between articles

Without this information, Litmaps just isn't Litmaps!

Even if you were able to add your own articles, our data systems have a bunch of clever pre-processing that's happened behind the scenes, so your custom articles simply wouldn't be compatible with the rest of the information in our database.


We are considering adding "custom article" support for Maps. Commonly, researchers will want to plot articles on their maps that aren't in our dataset.

This is plausible for us to build, but it's a large task for a niche use case. It is on our to-do list, but it isn't our highest priority!

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