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Why Can't I Find an Article?
Why Can't I Find an Article?
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Are you new to searching for literature with Litmaps?

Follow the step-by-step guide here to quickly find papers with Litmaps.

There may be several reasons you aren't able to find an article on Litmaps:

Search using DOI

First, we recommend searching by DOI when using Litmaps' search feature: you're more likely to find your article this way.

Open Access Metadata

Some articles don't have open access metadata. Our database is only able to index articles whose metadata has been made publicly accessible by the publisher.

Very New Articles

Recently published articles may not be indexed by our database yet. We aggregate data from third party providers, so there's often a "double-delay" โ€“ the first delay is our providers receiving the article, and the second delay is us indexing it.

If we have access to an article (i.e., it has open access metadata), it should be in our database within 2 weeks.


We don't have all "articles". Some pre-prints and other versions of articles aren't included by our third party providers, so don't get indexed in our database. Just because an article is on arXiv, doesn't mean it'll show up in Litmaps!

Here's how to double-check that your article is indexed.

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