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What's Changed in Litmaps 2024?
What's Changed in Litmaps 2024?

Learn how to do all your favorite functions and searches in the new Litmaps.

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The new version of Litmaps let's existing users find papers and dive into the literature easier than ever before.

Litmaps 2024 has some key changes from the previous version, designed to make your search experience more streamlined and efficient. The key changes are:

  • All searches are done through a new Litmap (instead of Seed or Discover)

  • Save articles to Tags (instead of Collections)

Our goal with Litmaps 2024 is to get you all the same functionality and more with a streamlined, Litmap-centric approach.

How do I... in the new Litmaps?

Check out the following links to learn how to do these familiar things in Litmaps 2024:

What's changed in Litmaps 2024?

Although things look different in new Litmaps, you can still access all the same functionality, and more.

Older version

Litmaps 2024

Seed, Discover, and Maps are separate options

All three are accessible from a Litmap

See an article's Seed Map

Create a Litmap with one or more starting articles

Find more articles with Discover

Create a Litmap and use "Explore Mode" to find relevant articles

Study a library of articles using Maps

Create a Litmap and use "Design Mode" to organize and review it

To get started with Litmaps 2024:

  1. Go to the Litmaps App

  2. Click at the top left

  3. Lookup an article you know, or type in keywords for your topic (e.g. "carbon sequestration forest review").

  4. Select article(s) from the list returned

    1. New Feature! Click on any additional papers you'd also like to start your search with. The new Litmaps allows you to have more than one Seed.

  5. Click "Explore Related Articles"

  6. View your Litmap.

You can view recommended articles in the Map or sidebar.

To drill deeper into your topic and find even more relevant articles, clickon articles you like. Then, click , and Litmaps will use those added articles as inputs to the search algorithm.

What's changed for free users in Litmaps 2024?

The free version of Litmaps limits users to one Map. In the past, most free users weren't affected by this limitation, since the majority of free usage relied on running searches using Seed and Discover.

With the new Litmap-centric design of Litmaps 2024, free users may run into the Map limitation more often. In order to better serve our free Litmaps community, here's what we suggest:

  1. Find more papers on your topic by expanding your Litmap using the "More like this" option (here's how)

  2. Save articles you like to Tags, so you can keep track of them, even if you delete your Litmap

  3. Delete your Litmap and create a new one when you'd like to start a search from scratch

We value all members of the Litmaps community, whether free, paid, or institutional sign ups. If you have feedback for our new version of Litmaps, please get in touch with us.

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