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Make a Litmap for Any Article (Seed Maps)
Make a Litmap for Any Article (Seed Maps)

Here's how to make a Litmap for any article in Litmaps.

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Litmaps let's you view the top-related articles to a single article. It's the fastest way to dive into the literature on your topic and understand the scientific landscape.

How to Make a Litmap for an Article

Create a Litmap for any article in order to see the most important, related articles to it. Litmaps are more than just citations and references. They show the most inter-connected articles to yours, so you can find key papers on your topic quickly.

Here's how to make a Litmap for any article:

  1. Go to the Litmaps app

  2. Click at the top left of the app

  3. Look up an article you know, or type in keywords for your topic (e.g. "carbon sequestration forest review").

  4. Select an article from the list returned

    1. Advanced: Click on any additional papers you'd also like to start your search with. The new Litmaps allows you to use one or more starting articles.

  5. Click "Explore Related Articles"

  6. View your Litmap

โ†’ For users before April 2024:

Users loved using Seed Maps to find papers, but many reported wanting to dive deeper and use multiple seeds. By letting users choose multiple starting articles for any Litmap Search, users now have even better Seed Maps with the option to expand them too!

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