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Search using Your Papers in Litmaps

Run a search using a set of papers you already know.

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Litmaps lets you find all the relevant literature on your topic by letting you search on an existing set of papers. You can then dive even deeper into your research by updating your search with articles you find, to make sure you've covered all the relevant literature in your field.

How to Search Using a Set of Papers in Litmaps 2024

You can search for relevant literature on your topic by using the papers you already know. Simply create a Litmap with the articles you already have, and Litmaps will automatically recommend relevant papers to yours.

Here's how to search for literature using papers you already know, with Litmaps:

  1. Go to the Litmaps app

  2. Click the "Quick Search..." bar at the top left of the app

  3. Add starting papers three different ways:

    1. Click the search bar and look for articles

    2. Click "Upload File" to use an existing BibTeX, RIS or CSV of your articles

    3. Click "My Library" to use your saved articles in Litmaps

  4. Click "Explore Related Articles"

  5. Review your Map and recommended articles

    1. Click for papers you want to use to expand your search

    2. Save article you like by Tagging them (click on any article to Tag it)

  6. Click the button at the top of the list.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you're satisfied

โ†’ For users before April 2024

In the older version of Litmaps, this feature was known as Discover Search. In the new Litmaps, it's integrated into all searches. Simply make a new Litmap to start searching. Your previous Discover Searches were automatically copied into new Maps.

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