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Export Articles from Litmaps 2024
Export Articles from Litmaps 2024

Here's how to download articles you found in Litmaps.

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It's easy to download articles you discover in Litmaps. This can be essential when its time for you to compile a bibliography for a research paper, or just to maintain your offline organization.

This guide covers how to download the articles you find in Litmaps.

Download articles from a Map

You can download the articles you discover in Litmaps any time. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to your Litmap

  2. Click at the top right

  3. Click the icon at the top right of your list of articles

  4. Select your file Format: BibTeX, RIS or CSV

  5. Click "Download"

Litmaps will automatically download all the articles saved to your Litmap. If you're in Explore Mode, looking for new papers, then Litmaps will only download the ones that are saved to your Map. To save articles to the Map, click "More like this" for any article.

Download articles from a Tag

Here's how to export articles that you've saved to a Tag:

  1. Click on a Tag in the sidebar

  2. Click the download icon at the top right

  3. Select your file Format: BibTeX, RIS or CSV

  4. Click "Download"

Litmaps offers a range of export options. You can configure your input in the following ways:

  • Select the articles you want to export

  • Choose your export file Format:

    • BibTeX (recommended): A format widely used by reference managers

    • CSV: This is a spreadsheet format

    • RIS: A format used by some reference managers (notably EndNote)

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