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Litmaps Teams

Share and manage research across your entire lab more easily by signing up with a Litmaps Team.

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Managing papers and sharing research among a group can be a challenge. Although many labs still rely on passing BibTeXs to one another or emailing PDFs back and forth, there's a more efficient way to share scientific literature and collaborate effectively.

Litmaps Teams makes it easy to share literature, develop research and stay organized on a project of any size. Think of Litmaps Teams as the Google Docs for managing and visualizing scientific literature.

Plus, Teams are more than just for research labs. Advisors can use Teams to help their students, and you can even use Teams in the classroom to grade assignments done with Litmaps.

How to create a Litmaps Team

To get started with Litmaps Teams, you need to first purchase a Team plan. Here's how:

  1. Click your name at the top of the Litmaps app

  2. Click "Create a Litmaps Team"

    1. Choose a Standard or an Educational License

    2. Choose Annual or Monthly payments

    3. Select your number of Team Seats. That's the number of people on your Team, including you.

  3. Click "Proceed to Checkout" and purchase the plan

How to invite Team Members

Now that you've purchased a Team plan, you can begin setting up your team and inviting members.

  1. Click "Team Settings" at the top right

  2. Click "Invite Collaborators"

  3. Fill out the details:

    1. Type their email address.

    2. Choose their role as either Admin or Member. Admin have administrative privileges and can manage the access of other members.

    3. Select what Team Workspaces they can access as Editor or Viewer. Editors can alter Searches, Collections and Maps, adding and removing articles. Viewers can only see.

    4. Click "Invite"

Your colleagues, students and collaborators can now all access the Workspaces you've granted them.

What's included in Litmaps Teams?

When you sign up for a Litmaps Team, you grant yourself and all other team members the premium version of Litmaps (Litmaps Pro), as well as collaborative features.

Here's what you can expect when you sign up as a Team:

  • Litmaps Pro for all members

  • Shared Workspaces

  • Collaborating on shared Collections, Maps, etc.

  • Member control: Invite who you want to your Team

  • Privilege control: Decide which team members can view and/or edit

Once you set up your Team account, you can add members and control their access. Teams operate on a specific number of seats, so purchase as many seats as there are members on your team.

How to separate shared work from individual work?

Workspaces lets you easily separate your collaborative work from your personal pursuits. All your searches, papers and maps are saved to a specific Workspace. Make new Workspaces as you need, so you can keep each project organized.

Teams provide shared Workspaces, where members (based on access) can work on the same maps, collections, and searches. This makes it easy to share and manage literature across a group.

For individual work, you can use personal Workspaces. To create a new Workspace for yourself, go back to your individual account and then create a new Workspace. In the image below, the user is back on "Professor Dvorak's" account, instead of the Team account.

Can I change the number of members on my Team?

Yes, you can update your Team subscription any time.

To change how many people are on your team simply:

  1. Click on your profile at the bottom left

  2. Click "Subscriptions"

  3. Select the Team you'd like to update, and click "Edit subscription"

  4. Change the number of seats

  5. Click "Update Subscription"

If you do this on an Annual plan, you'll be credited the correct refund amount. This credit will then automatically be applied to the next purchase (so, if you increase the number of seats later, or the next time the annual subscription renews).

If you do this on a Monthly subscription, then you simply pay for the number of seats you'd like each month.

How to delete a Litmaps Team

Click here to learn how to delete a Litmaps Team.

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