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Monitor: Get Alerts for Important Research
Monitor: Get Alerts for Important Research

Here's how to Monitor your Litmaps searches, so you instantly get notified for important, new articles on your topic.

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Monitoring your searches is a critical step in ensuring your literature review and research doesn't get out of date.

Use Litmaps Monitor to get instant emails you when new literature comes out on your topic. It's based on your exact searches, so you will only see papers that are strictly relevant to you.

How to use Litmaps Monitor to stay up-to-date

Hundreds of thousands of new articles are added to the Litmaps database every week. You can use Litmaps Monitor to automatically check your existing Litmaps for any newly added articles. If a new article is released on your topic, you'll get an email about it.

Monitor is based on a specific search you create, which makes the results highly relevant for you.

Litmaps Monitor is a Pro-only feature. Learn more about Litmaps Pro here.

Here's how to use Litmaps Monitor:

  1. Go to the Litmaps app

  2. Select an existing Litmap, or create a new Litmap

  3. Click "Open Monitor"

  4. Click "Enable Monitor"

That's all!

You can also use this page to view previous results Litmaps Monitor finds.

How to edit or cancel a monitored search?

Just go to the Monitor Settings of your Map to cancel or edit it anytime.


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