Create a Litmap for your Articles

Here's how to create a Litmap with a set articles.

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Create a Litmap to review a collection of scientific literature in one place. Litmaps are especially useful to:

  • See how a set of articles connect

  • Analyze a research field

  • Review a researcher's work

  • Showcase your portfolio

In this guide, we'll walk you through exactly how to set up a Litmap with some articles, and what you can do from there.

Create a Litmap

A Litmap is a visualization of scientific articles, with each node showing an article, and lines connecting articles which cite or reference on another.

If your papers are already saved in Litmaps (as a Tag), then simply go to that Tag and click to view them as a Map.

Here's how to make a Litmap for any set of articles:

  1. Go to the Litmaps app

  2. Click "Create Litmap" at the top left

  3. Select your starting articles, by either searching, using your saved articles in Litmaps, or uploading some.

  4. Click "Create Litmap"

  5. Done! You now have a Litmap of your articles.

From the same Litmap you can either search for more articles, design and customize your Map, or enable search monitoring.

Create a Litmap from a Tag

You can instantly create a Litmap for articles already saved in Litmaps. To do so, simply open your Tag and click .

Sharing a Litmap

You can share your Litmap with colleagues with:

  • Publicly accessible URL

  • By email

  • By image

To share a Map, go to the Design mode, then click the Share button at the top right.

To export articles, save them to a Tag, and then go to the Tag to export.

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