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Article Editing and Custom Articles

Learn about manually updating article metadata, and even how to create your own fully custom articles.

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How to Edit Article Metadata

You're able to edit an article's metadata using the edit button at the top of the article inspector.

What article fields are editable?

All of the standard fields articles display are editable, including citations and references.

While it is possible to edit an article's references and citations, please note that these edits will not affect how Litmaps calculates Explore recommendations. Explore calculations will run using the original article's references and citations. This may change in future releases – stay posted!

Tip: Look out for the red asterisk (*) to remember which fields have been edited.

Reverting Edits

You can roll back all of your edits to the original Litmaps version using the "Revert" button. Note that this button will only appear once you've saved metadata edits.

Who can see article edits?

Article metadata edits are only visible within the Workspace they were made. This normally means they'll only be visible to you, but if you're working in a Litmaps Team they will be visible to other team members who can view the Workspace.

Why are my edits not showing in some places?

When you edit an article's metadata, Litmaps is actually creating a copy of the article, and this copy is swapped into your maps and/or tags instead of the unedited article.

Most of the time this behaves as expected, but there are some places where you'll see the original Litmaps version of the article instead of your edited version:

  1. Within keyword search result lists

  2. Within Explore result lists

Custom Articles

As well as editing metadata for articles that you find within Litmaps, you're also able to create your own, entirely custom, articles!

How to create a custom article

  1. Click on the "Add" button on a Litmap

  2. Choose the "Custom" tab

  3. Click "New Custom Article"

  4. Fill out the article's fields, then click Create Custom Article

Limits of Custom Articles

Custom articles behave in almost exactly the same way as normal articles within Litmaps. The only difference is that Custom Articles won't contribute to how Explore calculates recommendations.

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