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Change your Litmaps Email

Change your email address in the Litmaps app.

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How to change your email address in Litmaps

  1. Click on your profile in the bottom-left corner

  2. Click the Account option

  3. Click on Account Options..., then choose Change Email Address

  4. Enter the email address you wish to change to. If you signed in with Google or ORCiD, you'll also be asked to provide a new password (see below)

  5. You'll be sent a verification code email – enter the verification code email and click Verify Email

Your account has now been switched to use your new email address. You may be prompted to sign out before changes take effect.

Changing email from Google or ORCiD logins

To change your Litmaps account from a Google Login or ORCiD Login, follow the same directions as above for changing your Litmaps email address.

This will change your account from a Google or ORCiD Login to a traditional email/password login.

Keep in mind:

  • Changing your email address from a Google or ORCiD Litmaps account will disconnect your account from these authentication providers.

  • Once a Google or ORCiD login has been disconnected, it cannot be reconnected: your account will be managed by email and password going forward.

  • If you later attempt to log in with Google or ORCiD, that will create a separate, new account. To get back to your original account, simply sign out, and sign back in using the email/password login method.

  • You can choose to re-enter your gmail email address during this process: you'll change from a Google-managed login to an email/password-managed login with the same email address.

What if my email address is being used by another account?

You can change your Litmaps email address (A) to another email for which you've already made an account (B). In order to do so, simply:

  1. Log into the account whose email you want to change (A)

  2. Change your email from A to B

If you want to transfer content from one account to another, you will need to manually export your data from the old account before you delete it, and import it into the account you want to keep.

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